Accurate temperature measurements are crucial for many industries, including pharmaceuticals, aerospace, health care, and general manufacturing. Micro Precision offers a full range of calibration for all your temperature requirements. Our labs have the equipment and primary standards necessary for accurate measurements including furnaces, baths, resistance bridges, standard resistors, along with standard platinum resistance thermometers (SPRT), and ITS-90 fixed point cells.

Triple point temperature calibration equipment

Temperature equipment calibrated:

AccuMac, Altek, Ametek, Ashcroft, Cooper-Atkins, Druck, Extech, Fluke Calibration, FLIR, Hart Scientific, Isotech, Techne, Tegam, Transmation, Yokogawa, and more…

Additional Capabilities

Micro Precision also has the capability to calibrate non-contact IR guns, cameras, and optical pyrometers along with temperature simulation where we can simulate using thermocouples or RTDs through Fluke calibrators.

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Micro Precision has developed the best capabilities for accredited humidity calibration. We can service the most accurate humidity devices with the most consistent and accurate humidity calibrations.  Our calibration services are ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited with true traceability through NIST. Some of those items we calibrate are Humidity Instruments, Calibrated Chart Recorders, Humidity Meters, Thermo-Hygrometers, Humidity/Temperature Transmitters, Dewpoint Meters, Pressure Sensors, and Process Gauges

Temperature & humidity controlable chamber

Instrument manufacturers calibrated:

Extech, Hanna Instruments, Humidity Meter Calibration, Fluke, Dwyer Instruments, Amprobe, Testo, Amphenol, Cole Parmer, Dickson, GE Panametrics, General Eastern, HART, Vaisala, and more…

Reference Level Calibration

Micro Precision calibrates humidity measurement devices in many of our laboratories across the globe. We also offer reference-level humidity calibration up to 95% RH for items like chart recorders, transmitters, and chambers. We can offer in-lab and on-site calibration for these services.

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Life Science - Pharma

Whether your company is ISO/9001 or ISO/13485, we have the broadest range of life science & pharma experience to fulfill your calibration needs.

Machine used for testing samples being operated

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Start your request today to have one of our calibration specialists perform an in-lab or on-site calibration service of your life science or pharma equipment.

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Life Science & Pharma calibration capabilities:

Autoclave, Balance, Buret, Centrifuge, Chart Recorder, Conductivity Meter, Environmental Chamber, Flow Gage, Fume Hood, Furnace, Hot Plate, Incubator, Infrared Thermometer, Magnehelic Gage, Manometer, Mass, Microscope, pH Meter, Pipette, Pressure Transducer, Process Controller, Pyrometer, RH Monitoring System, RTD, Spectrophotometer, Stability, Tachometer, Temperature Bath, Temperature Controller, Temperature Profiling, Thermo Cycler, Thermocouple, Thermometer, Vacuum, Viscometer, Water Bath, Water System, Weight, WFI System, and more…

Thermometer Calibration - Infrared and Handheld

Infrared thermometer calibration of instruments such as the Fluke VT04, VT04, and 62 series and Extech IR Thermometers. Liquid in Glass and Digital / Handheld Thermometers of all types ranges. Field / on-site measurements available from -195° C to 600° C

RTD Calibration

RTD probes such as the Fluke Calibration 5600 series, and all models and ranges from brands like Thermo Probe, Isotech, and Ametek / Jofra Resistance Thermometry devices (RTDs) calibrated by SPRT (Hart 5699) fixed point or comparison up to 660° C

Thermocouple Calibration

Electrical calibration of thermocouple devices including Types J, K, T, E, R, S, N, and B thermocouples from -270° C to 1,820° C. On-site / field temperature indicator calibrations available

Dry Block, Temperature Oven, Bath, and Furnace Calibration

Dry well / dry block calibration such as the Fluke 9000 & 9100 series & the Ametek / Jofra RTC, CTC, & ITC series. Ice Baths and Liquid calibration baths including models from Fluke Calibration, Techne, and GE / Druck. Thermocouple calibration ovens / furnaces such as the Fluke Calibration 9100 series

Other Capabilities

Micro Precision can perform instrument calibration services on equipment from variety of applications for specific industries and lines of business. If you have a calibration need that is not listed in this area, please contact us.

Laboratory Standards

Calibration laboratory standards are critical for your organization’s most accurate measurements.

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Micro Precision accredited optical, light, and fiber optic calibration lab services.

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Micro Precision accredited electrical calibration lab services with multimeter, multifunction calibrator, oscilloscope, and power supply capabilities.

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RF - Microwave

Micro Precision accredited RF & microwave calibration lab services.

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Mechanical & Dimensional

Micro Precision accredited mechanical and dimensional calibration lab services with pressure, torque, force, flow, velocity, and aircraft jack load capabilities.

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ANAB Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025-2017 Accredited semiconductor wafer thickness and precision step hight calibration.

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