Reliable Provider of Power Supply Calibration

We take great satisfaction in providing accurate and dependable calibration services for your power supply, guaranteeing that they operate at peak efficiency and produce reliable results. We recognize the crucial role power supplies play in a variety of industries, from electronics and telecommunications to aircraft and manufacturing, because we are specialists in the industry. Count on us to maintain the highest level of calibration for your power supply.

By strictly complying to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standards, our team of qualified specialists and authorized labs guarantee that every calibration operation is carried out to the highest levels of accuracy and quality. Our calibration services are available for a wide variety of power supply types and brands, whether you have benchtop versions, programmable power supplies, or DC power sources.

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Importance of Power Supply Calibration

In today’s technologically advanced world, correct power supply calibration is essential for obtaining precise electrical measurements and guaranteeing your equipment will operate at its best. Power supplies may gradually decline in accuracy a result of component wear and tear, environmental variables, or voltage variations. The fundamental procedure for correcting these errors is calibration, which lines up the output of your power source with industry norms. By lowering measurement uncertainties, this calibration method gives you consistent and trustworthy voltage and current readings for your mission-critical applications.

Ensure Top-Notch Calibration & Repair for Your Power Supply

Our Power Supply Repair Services are no exception to our dedication to excellence. Our specialists can identify and fix any problems affecting the functioning of your power supply thanks to their in-depth knowledge and experience. Be confident that with their skilled assistance, your power supply will be working at its best.


Trust Micro Precision with your power supply calibration and repair needs to enjoy peace of mind. You can trust in the accuracy and dependability of your power supply with the help of our reputed calibration services. With our professional calibration solutions, you can ensure that your equipment performs at its peak. Today, work with Micro Precision and see how smoothly your power supplies operate!

Calibration Service Levels Offered

Type of Service Traceable Traceable with Data Accredited (ISO:IEC 17025:2017, Z540.3)
Calibrated to manufacturers specifications traceable to SI Units      
ISO 9000 Compliant      
Calibration certificates, data, maintained on secure web based tool (CDM)      
Detailed calibration certificates and calibration stickers      
Instrument adjustment (if found out of tolerance)      
ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 compliant    
Calibration Data    
Logo from Accreditation body, Expanded Measurement Uncertainty  
ANSI/NCSL Z540.3 compliant  

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Description Manufacturer Model
130V, 115A Single Output Dc Power Supply Ess 130-115-2-D-Rstl Tdk-Lambda130VESS 130-115-2-D-RSTL
ADCMT 6240A DC power supplyADCMT6240A
Agilent 6002A Single Output, 200W Power SupplyAgilent6002A
Agilent 6010A Single Output Dc Power Supply 200V, 17A, 1200WAgilent6010A
Agilent 6011A 1064W Dc System Power Supply, No Interface, Single OutputAgilent6011A
Agilent 6012A Dc Power SupplyAgilent6012A
Agilent 6012B DC Power SupplyAgilent6012B
Agilent 6015A 1050W Dc System Power Supplies, No Interface, Single OutputAgilent6015A
Agilent 6023A Autoranging Dc Power Supply, 20V, 30AAgilent6023A
Agilent 6024A Dc Power Supply, 0-60 Vdc, 0-10 AmpsAgilent6024A
Agilent 6028A Autoranging Dc Power Supply, 60V, 10AAgilent6028A
Agilent 6030A Single Output Dc Power Supply 200V, 17A, 1200WAgilent6030A
Agilent 6031A System Autoranging Dc Power Supply, 20V, 120AAgilent6031A
Agilent 6032A Dc Power SupplyAgilent6032A
Agilent 6033A System Autoranging Dc Power Supply, 20V, 30AAgilent6033A
Agilent 6034A Dc Power Supply, 60V, 10A , 200WAgilent6034A
Agilent 6038A Dc Power SupplyAgilent6038A
Agilent 6104A Dc Power SuppliesAgilent6104A
Agilent 6114A DC Power SupplyAgilent6114A
Agilent 6181B 10 V, 250 Ma, Power SupplyAgilent6181B
Agilent 6181C DC Power SupplyAgilent6181C
Agilent 6203B DC Power SupplyAgilent6203B
Agilent 6205C Dual-Output Power Supply, 0-20 Vdc Or 0-40 VdcAgilent6205C
Agilent 6236B Triple Output Dc Power SupplyAgilent6236B
Agilent 6237B Triple Output Dc Power Supply +20V/-20V, .5A, 10W; +18V , 1.Agilent6237B
Agilent 6253A Dual Dc Power Supply 20V, 3A, 60WAgilent6253A
Agilent 6260B 10V, 100A, 1000W Dc Power SupplyAgilent6260B
Agilent 6268B 40V, 30A, 1200W Dc Power SupplyAgilent6268B
Agilent 6269B Dc Power Supply, 40V, 50A, 2000WAgilent6269B
Agilent 6274B 60V, 15A, 900W Dc Power SupplyAgilent6274B
Agilent 6286A 20V, 10A, 200W Dc Power SupplyAgilent6286A
Agilent 6291A 40V, 5A, 200W Dc Power SupplyAgilent6291A
Agilent 6299A 100V, 0.75A, 75W Single Output Dc Power SupplyAgilent6299A
Agilent 6439B Dc Power Supply (60Vdc 15Amp)Agilent6439B
Agilent 6475C Single Output Dc Power SupplyAgilent6475C
Agilent 6541A 200 Watt Power Supply, 8V, 20AAgilent6541A
Agilent 6542A 200 Watt Power Supply, 20V, 10AAgilent6542A
Agilent 6543A 200 Watt Power Supply, 35V, 6AAgilent6543A
Agilent 6544A 200 Watt Power Supply, 60V, 3.5AAgilent6544A
Agilent 6545A 200 Watt Power Supply, 120V, 1.5AAgilent6545A
Agilent 6551A 500 Watt Dc System Power Supply, 8V, 50AAgilent6551A
Agilent 6552A 500 Watt Dc System Power Supply, 20V, 25AAgilent6552A
Agilent 6553A 500 Watt Dc System Power Supply, 35V, 15AAgilent6553A
Agilent 6554A 500 Watt Dc System Power Supply, 60V, 9AAgilent6554A
Agilent 6555A 00 Watt Dc System Power Supply, 120V, 4AAgilent6555A
Agilent 6571A 2000 Watt Power Supply, 8V, 220AAgilent6571A
Agilent 6572A 2000 Watt Power Supply, 20V, 100AAgilent6572A
Agilent 6573A 2000 Watt Power Supply, 35V, 60AAgilent6573A
Agilent 6574A 2000 Watt Power Supply, 60V, 35AAgilent6574A
Agilent 6575A 2000 Watt Power Supply, 120V, 18AAgilent6575A
Agilent 6611C 40 Watt System Power Supply, 8V, 5AAgilent6611C
Agilent 6612A 20 V, 2 Amp, Used Dc Power SupplyAgilent6612A
Agilent 6612B Gpib Dc Power Supply, 20Vdc, 2AAgilent6612B
Agilent 6612C 40 Watt System Power Supply, 20V, 2AAgilent6612C
Agilent 6613C 50 Watt System Power Supply, 50V, 1AAgilent6613C
Agilent 6614C 50 Watt System Power Supply, 100V, 0.5AAgilent6614C
Agilent 6621A Dual Output, System Dc Power Supply, 20V, 4A, 80W; 7V, 10A,Agilent6621A
Agilent 6622A System Dc Power SupplyAgilent6622A
Agilent 6624A System Dc Power SupplyAgilent6624A
Agilent 6625A Precision System Power Supply, 25W Or 50W, 2 OutputsAgilent6625A
Agilent 6626A Precision System Power Supply, 25W Or 50W, 4 OutputsAgilent6626A
Agilent 6628A Precision System Power Supply, 50W, 2 OutputsAgilent6628A
Agilent 6629A Precision System Power Supply, 50W, 4 OutputsAgilent6629A
Agilent 6631B 80 Watt System Power Supply, 8V, 10AAgilent6631B
Agilent 6633A System Dc Power Supply 0-50V/0-2A, 100WAgilent6633A
Agilent 6633B System Dc Power SupplyAgilent6633B
Agilent 6634A Gpib Dc Power Supply, 0-100 Vdc, 0-1 AAgilent6634A
Agilent 6634B 100 Watt System Power Supply, 100V, 1AAgilent6634B
Agilent 6825A Bipolar Power Supply/AmplifierAgilent6825A
Agilent 6826A 50V, 1A, 50W, Dc Power Supply / AmplifierAgilent6826A
Agilent 6827A 100V - 0.5A Dc Power SupplyAgilent6827A
Agilent 87422A Power SupplyAgilent87422A
Agilent Dc Power Supplies Dc Power SuppliesAgilentDC POWER SUPPLIES
Agilent E3611A Power SuppliesAgilentE3611A
Agilent E3612A Power SuppliesAgilentE3612A
Agilent E3614A Power SuppliesAgilentE3614A
Agilent E3617A Power SupplyAgilentE3617A
Agilent E3620A Dual Output Power SupplyAgilentE3620A
Agilent E3630A Triple Output Power SupplyAgilentE3630A
Agilent E3632A Dc Power SuppliesAgilentE3632A
Agilent E3633A Dc Power SuppliesAgilentE3633A
Agilent E3634A Dc Power SupplyAgilentE3634A
Agilent E3640A Power SupplyAgilentE3640A
Agilent E3641A Power SupplyAgilentE3641A
Agilent E3642A Power SupplyAgilentE3642A
Agilent E3643A Power SupplyAgilentE3643A
Agilent E3644A Power SupplyAgilentE3644A
Agilent E3645A Power SupplyAgilentE3645A
Agilent E3648A Power SupplyAgilentE3648A
Agilent E3649A Power SupplyAgilentE3649A
Agilent E4356A Power Supplies DcAgilentE4356A
Agilent Keysight) 11899A Probe Power SupplyAgilentKEYSIGHT) 11899A
Agilent N5740A DC Power SupplyAgilentN5740A
Agilent N5751A Dc System Power Supply, 300V, 2.5A, 750WAgilentN5751A
Agilent N5752A Dc System Power Supply, 600V, 1.3A, 780WAgilentN5752A
Agilent N5771A Power Supply, 300V, 5A, 1500WAgilentN5771A
Agilent N5772A Power Supply, 600V, 2.6A, 1560WAgilentN5772A
Agilent N6732A Dc Power Module, 8V, 6.25A, 50WAgilentN6732A
Agilent N6733A Dc Power Module, 20V, 2.5A, 50WAgilentN6733A