Trusted Thermocouple Probe Calibration Provider

A thermocouple probe is a critical tool used across various industries to measure temperature accurately. It has numerous uses in the manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and research industries. To ensure operational excellence in processes that are sensitive to temperature, the probe must be precisely calibrated. When it comes to the calibration of thermocouple probes, Micro Precision is your dependable partner. Our technicians are qualified and our labs are accredited with ISO/IEC 17025:2017, guaranteeing flawless calibration. We align your probe readings with international norms to ensure accurate temperature measurements.

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Importance of Thermocouple Probe Calibration & Repair

Neglecting thermocouple probe calibration and repair is an invitation to a ripple of risks in your operation. Inaccurate temperature measurements hinder productivity and endanger the quality and safety of the produced goods. The effects range from falsified material testing to distorted manufacturing results. Maintaining precision requires regular calibration and prompt repairs.

Ensure Accurate Thermocouple Probe

Our thorough method of thermocouple probe calibration sets Micro Precision apart. We guarantee that your temperature measurements are calibrated to the highest standard thanks to our accredited facilities, committed technicians, and unwavering pursuit of excellence.Work with Micro Precision to calibrate thermocouple probes with precision, dependability, and operational excellence. Contact us to learn more.

Calibration Service Levels Offered

Type of ServiceTraceableTraceable with DataAccredited (ISO:IEC 17025:2017, Z540.3)
Calibrated to manufacturers specifications traceable to SI Units   
ISO 9000 Compliant   
Calibration certificates, data, maintained on secure web based tool (CDM)   
Detailed calibration certificates and calibration stickers   
Instrument adjustment (if found out of tolerance)   
ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 compliant  
Calibration Data  
Logo from Accreditation body, Expanded Measurement Uncertainty 
ANSI/NCSL Z540.3 compliant 

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EXTECH 86014 Thermocouple ProbeEXTECH86014
EXTECH 86044 Thermocouple ProbeEXTECH86044
EXTECH 912120JU Thermocouple ProbeEXTECH912120JU
EXTECH 912120TU Thermocouple ProbeEXTECH912120TU
EXTECH 921120KU Thermocouple ProbeEXTECH921120KU
FLUKE Y8102 Thermocouple ProbeFlukeY8102
WAHL C-65 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLC-65
WAHL RTC822 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLRTC822
WAHL RTC822L Thermocouple ProbeWAHLRTC822L
WAHL RTC823 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLRTC823
WAHL RTC824 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLRTC824
WAHL RTC825 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLRTC825
WAHL RTC826 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLRTC826
WAHL RTC827 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLRTC827
WAHL RTC828 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLRTC828
WAHL RTC866 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLRTC866
WAHL RTC877 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLRTC877
WAHL TC801 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC801
WAHL TC801U Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC801U
WAHL TC802 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC802
WAHL TC803 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC803
WAHL TC804 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC804
WAHL TC805 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC805
WAHL TC806 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC806
WAHL TC807K Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC807K
WAHL TC808 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC808
WAHL TC809S Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC809S
WAHL TC810 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC810
WAHL TC811 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC811
WAHL TC812 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC812
WAHL TC813 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC813
WAHL TC814 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC814
WAHL TC816 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC816
WAHL TC817 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC817
WAHL TC818 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC818
WAHL TC819 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC819
WAHL TC820 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC820
WAHL TC834 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC834
WAHL TC835 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC835
WAHL TC861 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC861
WAHL TC862 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC862
WAHL TC863 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC863
WAHL TC864 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC864
WAHL TC867 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC867
WAHL TC868 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC868
WAHL TC869 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC869
WAHL TC870 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC870
WAHL TC871 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC871
WAHL TC872 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC872
WAHL TC873 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC873
WAHL TC874 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC874
WAHL TC875 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC875
WAHL TC878 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC878
WAHL TC879 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC879
WAHL TC880 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC880
WAHL TC881 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC881
WAHL TC882R Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC882R
WAHL TC882S Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC882S
WAHL TC883 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC883
WAHL TC884 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC884
WAHL TC885 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC885
WAHL TC886 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC886
WAHL TC887 Thermocouple ProbeWAHLTC887