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A stage micrometer is a precision instrument used to measure the size of objects under a microscope. It consists of a calibrated scale and a movable stage. The stage micrometer is placed on the microscope stage, and the object to be measured is placed on top of it. The scale is then used to measure the size of the object. Stage micrometers are widely used in biology, medicine, research, and manufacturing.

Micro Precision is a leading stage micrometer calibration service provider. We have labs located globally that are ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited. Our years of experience and knowledgable technicians can surely deliver accurate stage micrometer calibration.

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Importance of Stage Micrometer Calibration & Repair

Regular calibration and repair ensure that your stage micrometers are consistently reliable. If they are not calibrated, issues such as wasted time and resources, damage to equipment, safety hazards, and inaccurate measurements may occur. Make sure that your service provider is experienced and has proven quality calibration so that you can be assured of an optimally functioning stage micrometer.

Ensure Accurate Stage Micrometer Calibration

We understand the value and impact of an accurately calibrated stage micrometer. We are committed to providing you with the quality calibration service you need. With our accredited labs, accessibility, quick turnaround times, experience, and advanced equipment, we guarantee to meet your calibration needs. Explore our stage micrometer database below. Contact us using our request quote form.

Calibration Service Levels Offered

Type of Service Traceable Traceable with Data Accredited (ISO:IEC 17025:2017, Z540.3)
Calibrated to manufacturers specifications traceable to SI Units      
ISO 9000 Compliant      
Calibration certificates, data, maintained on secure web based tool (CDM)      
Detailed calibration certificates and calibration stickers      
Instrument adjustment (if found out of tolerance)      
ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 compliant    
Calibration Data    
Logo from Accreditation body, Expanded Measurement Uncertainty  
ANSI/NCSL Z540.3 compliant  

Please complete our quick Stage Micrometer equipment calibration & repair service request form, and a Micro Precision representative will reach out to you same-day during office hours, or within one business day after office hours. (Mon – Friday 8AM – 4PM PST)

Description Manufacturer Model
American Optical 1400 Stage MicrometerAmerican Optical1400
Amscope MR095 Stage MicrometerAmscopeMR095
Any 0-0.22 inch Microscale Stage MicrometerAny0-0.22 inch Microscale
Any 0-0.5 inch Stage MicrometerAny0-0.5 inch
Any 0-6mm Stage MicrometerAny0-6mm
Any 0-7mm Stage MicrometerAny0-7mm
Any 0.005 inch Stage MicrometerAny0.005 inch
Any 10 mm Stage MicrometerAny10 mm
Any 1mm X 0.01mm Stage MicrometerAny1mm X 0.01mm
Any 2304 Stage MicrometerAny2304
Any 25mm/1 inch Stage MicrometerAny25mm/1 inch
Any 2mm X 0.01mm Stage MicrometerAny2mm X 0.01mm
Applied Image IAM-1PS Stage MicrometerApplied ImageIAM-1PS
Applied Image SM-1 Stage MicrometerApplied ImageSM-1
Applied Image SM-1-P-CG Stage MicrometerApplied ImageSM-1-P-CG
Applied Image SM-3 Stage MicrometerApplied ImageSM-3
Applied Image SM-4 Stage MicrometerApplied ImageSM-4
Applied Image SM2 Stage MicrometerApplied ImageSM2
Bausch & Lomb 0 - 0.010 inch Microscale Stage MicrometerBausch & Lomb0 - 0.010 inch Microscale
Bausch & Lomb 0-0.22 inch Microscale Stage MicrometerBausch & Lomb0-0.22 inch Microscale
Bausch & Lomb 0-0.5 inch Stage MicrometerBausch & Lomb0-0.5 inch
Bausch & Lomb 0-2.2mm Microscale Stage MicrometerBausch & Lomb0-2.2mm Microscale
Bausch & Lomb 0.1mm/0.01mm Stage MicrometerBausch & Lomb0.1mm/0.01mm
Bausch & Lomb 1400 Stage MicrometerBausch & Lomb1400
Bausch & Lomb 31-16-89 (0.01 inch/0.001 inch) Stage MicrometerBausch & Lomb31-16-89 (0.01 inch/0.001 inch)
Bausch & Lomb 31-16-90 (0.01mm) Stage MicrometerBausch & Lomb31-16-90 (0.01mm)
Caterpillar 4299-000001-001 Stage MicrometerCATERPILLAR4299-000001-001
Detroit Testing Machine 10 mm Stage MicrometerDetroit Testing Machine10 mm
Fisher Scientific 12-61-SM1 Stage MicrometerFISHER SCIENTIFIC12-61-SM1
Fisher Scientific MP-SM-100 Stage MicrometerFISHER SCIENTIFICMP-SM-100
Flexbar 25mm/1 inch Stage MicrometerFLEXBAR25mm/1 inch
Gage-Line Technology AE100322 Stage MicrometerGage-Line TechnologyAE100322
Hausser Scientific 400 Stage MicrometerHausser Scientific400
Klarmann KR-226 Stage MicrometerKlarmannKR-226
Klarmann KR-231 Stage MicrometerKlarmannKR-231
Klarmann KR-806 Stage MicrometerKlarmannKR-806
Klarmann KR-809 Stage MicrometerKlarmannKR-809
Klarmann KR-812 Stage MicrometerKlarmannKR-812
Klarmann KR-842 Stage MicrometerKlarmannKR-842
Klarmann KR-851 Stage MicrometerKlarmannKR-851
Klarmann KR-851-RF Stage MicrometerKlarmannKR-851-RF
Klarmann KR-971-14 Stage MicrometerKlarmannKR-971-14
Labomed LAB01 Stage MicrometerLabomedLAB01
Leco 863-783-146 Stage MicrometerLECO863-783-146
Leica 2mm X 0.01mm Stage MicrometerLEICA2mm X 0.01mm
Leica K2797 Stage MicrometerLEICAK2797
Meiji Techno MA286 Stage MicrometerMeiji TechnoMA286
MITUTOYO 9239 Stage MicrometerMitutoyo9239
Olympus 2mm OB-M 2/200 Stage MicrometerOlympus2mm OB-M 2/200
Pyser-SGI 10mm X 0.1mm (S1) Stage MicrometerPyser-SGI10mm X 0.1mm (S1)
Pyser-SGI 1mm X 0.01mm (S16) Stage MicrometerPyser-SGI1mm X 0.01mm (S16)
Pyser-SGI S11 Stage MicrometerPyser-SGIS11
RAM Optical 11-1651-01 Stage MicrometerRAM Optical11-1651-01
Reichert 1400 Stage MicrometerReichert1400
U.S. Micro 0-6mm Stage MicrometerU.S. Micro0-6mm
VWR 11389-200 Stage MicrometerVWR11389-200
VWR 11389-201 Stage MicrometerVWR11389-201
VWR 41724-103 Stage MicrometerVWR41724-103
ZEISS 474027-0000-000 Stage MicrometerZEISS474027-0000-000