Trusted Setting Ring Calibration Provider

Setting rings, which are often overlooked yet incredibly important instruments in precise measurement, have a crucial function in industries that place a high value on accuracy. Whether they are utilized in the realm of manufacturing, engineering, or quality control, these meticulous devices establish the benchmark for dimensional precision. Micro Precision stands out as a trustworthy provider of calibration services for setting rings, bolstered by their ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited laboratories and a team of knowledgeable technicians.

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Importance of Setting Ring Calibration & Repair

The importance of calibrating the Setting Ring is highly significant. These tools play a crucial role in achieving precise dimensions, and their calibration must be done with great attention to detail to obtain accurate outcomes. Failing to calibrate them properly comes with the risk of obtaining incorrect measurements, which can result in defective products, compromised safety, and delays in operations. Calibration should not be seen as a mere routine task; instead, it should be regarded as a proactive measure aimed at reducing risks and upholding the reliability of your processes.

The skilled technicians at Micro Precision employ state-of-the-art equipment, guaranteeing that your Setting Rings are not only calibrated, but calibrated to exceed industry standards. Opting for Micro Precision means making a commitment to precision and protecting yourself from the dangers of insufficient calibration.

Ensure Accurate Setting Ring Calibration

Micro Precision stands out as the best option for Setting Ring calibration. Our focus on accuracy is emphasized by the skill of our technicians and the strict standards upheld in our laboratories. We prioritize not only precision but also timely and dependable calibration services, always putting the customer first. By choosing Micro Precision, you opt for a dedicated partner that guarantees your Setting Rings work with unmatched accuracy, ultimately enhancing the success and dependability of your operations.

Calibration Service Levels Offered

Type of Service Traceable Traceable with Data Accredited (ISO:IEC 17025:2017, Z540.3)
Calibrated to manufacturers specifications traceable to SI Units      
ISO 9000 Compliant      
Calibration certificates, data, maintained on secure web based tool (CDM)      
Detailed calibration certificates and calibration stickers      
Instrument adjustment (if found out of tolerance)      
ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 compliant    
Calibration Data    
Logo from Accreditation body, Expanded Measurement Uncertainty  
ANSI/NCSL Z540.3 compliant  

Please complete our quick Setting Ring calibration & repair service request form, and a Micro Precision representative will reach out to you same-day during office hours, or within one business day after office hours. (Mon – Friday 8AM – 4PM PST)

Description Manufacturer Model
Fowler 144 Setting RingFowler144
Fowler 167 Setting RingFowler167
Fowler 194 Setting RingFowler194
Fowler 254 Setting RingFowler254
Mitutoyo 177-125 Setting Ring - 8mmMitutoyo177-125
Mitutoyo 177-126 Setting Ring - 10mmMitutoyo
Mitutoyo 177-132 Setting Ring - 14mmMitutoyo177-132
Mitutoyo 177-133 Setting Ring - 17mmMitutoyo177-133
Mitutoyo 177-139 Setting Ring - 25mmMitutoyo177-139
Mitutoyo 177-146 Setting Ring - 50mmMitutoyo177-146
Mitutoyo 177-147 Setting Ring - 70mmMitutoyo177-147
Mitutoyo 177-148 Setting Ring - 90mmMitutoyo177-148
Mitutoyo 177-177 Setting Ring - 16mmMitutoyo177-177
Mitutoyo 177-178 Setting Ring - 45mmMitutoyo177-178
Mitutoyo 177-179 Setting Ring - .35inMitutoyo
Mitutoyo 177-180 Setting Ring - .50inMitutoyo177-180
Mitutoyo 177-181 Setting Ring - .60inMitutoyo177-181
Mitutoyo 177-183 Setting Ring - .70inMitutoyo177-183
Mitutoyo 177-184 Setting Ring - 1inMitutoyo
Mitutoyo 177-185 Setting Ring - 1.4inMitutoyo177-185
Mitutoyo 177-186 Setting Ring - 1.8inMitutoyo177-186
Mitutoyo 177-187 Setting Ring - 2inMitutoyo177-187
Mitutoyo 177-188 Setting Ring - 2.8inMitutoyo177-188
Mitutoyo 177-189 Setting Ring - 3.6inMitutoyo177-189
Mitutoyo 177-204 Setting Ring - 4mmMitutoyo177-204
Mitutoyo 177-206 Setting Ring - .16inMitutoyo177-206
Mitutoyo 177-207 Setting Ring - .24inMitutoyo177-207
Mitutoyo 177-208 Setting Ring - 2.5mmMitutoyo177-208
Mitutoyo 177-209 Setting Ring - .1inMitutoyo177-209
Mitutoyo 177-220 Setting Ring - 1mmMitutoyo177-220
Mitutoyo 177-222 Setting Ring - 1.1mmMitutoyo177-222
Mitutoyo 177-225 Setting Ring - 1.2mmMitutoyo177-225
Mitutoyo 177-227 Setting Ring - 1.3mmMitutoyo177-227
Mitutoyo 177-230 Setting Ring - 1.4mmMitutoyo177-230
Mitutoyo 177-236 Setting Ring - 1.75mmMitutoyo177-236
Mitutoyo 177-239 Setting Ring - 2mmMitutoyo177-239
Mitutoyo 177-242 Setting Ring - 2.25mmMitutoyo177-242
Mitutoyo 177-246 Setting Ring - 2.75mmMitutoyo177-246
Mitutoyo 177-248 Setting Ring - 3mmMitutoyo177-248
Mitutoyo 177-250 Setting Ring - 3.25mmMitutoyo177-250
Mitutoyo 177-252 Setting Ring - 3.5mmMitutoyo177-252
Mitutoyo 177-255 Setting Ring - 3.75mmMitutoyo177-255
Mitutoyo 177-257 Setting Ring - 4.5mmMitutoyo177-257
Mitutoyo 177-263 Setting Ring - 5.5mmMitutoyo177-263
Mitutoyo 177-267 Setting Ring - 6mmMitutoyo177-267
Mitutoyo 177-271 Setting Ring - 6.5mmMitutoyo177-271
Mitutoyo 177-275 Setting Ring - 7mmMitutoyo177-275
Mitutoyo 177-281 Setting Ring - .275inMitutoyo177-281
Mitutoyo 177-283 Setting Ring - .425inMitutoyo
Mitutoyo 177-284 Setting Ring - 12mmMitutoyo
Mitutoyo 177-286 Setting Ring - 20mmMitutoyo
Mitutoyo 177-287 Setting Ring - .80inMitutoyo177-287
Mitutoyo 177-288 Setting Ring - 30mmMitutoyo177-288
Mitutoyo 177-289 Setting Ring - 1.2inMitutoyo177-289
Mitutoyo 177-290 Setting Ring - 40mmMitutoyo177-290
Mitutoyo 177-291 Setting Ring - 1.6inMitutoyo177-291
Mitutoyo 177-292 Setting Ring - 60mmMitutoyo177-292
Mitutoyo 177-293 Setting Ring - 2.4inMitutoyo177-293
Mitutoyo 177-294 Setting Ring - 80mm x +-1.5umMitutoyo177-294
Mitutoyo 177-295 Setting Ring - 3.2in x +-.00006inMitutoyo177-295
Mitutoyo 177-296 Setting Ring - 100mm x +-1.5umMitutoyo177-296
Mitutoyo 177-297 Setting Ring - 4in x +-.00006inMitutoyo177-297
Mitutoyo 177-298 Setting Ring - 125mmMitutoyo177-298
Mitutoyo 177-299 Setting Ring - 5inMitutoyo177-299
Mitutoyo 177-300 Setting Ring - 150mmMitutoyo177-300
Mitutoyo 177-301 Setting Ring - 6inMitutoyo177-301
Mitutoyo 177-302 Setting Ring - 175mmMitutoyo177-302
Mitutoyo 177-303 Setting Ring - 7inMitutoyo177-303
Mitutoyo 177-304 Setting Ring - 200mmMitutoyo177-304
Mitutoyo 177-305 Setting Ring - 8inMitutoyo177-305
Mitutoyo 177-306 Setting Ring - 225mmMitutoyo177-306
Mitutoyo 177-308 Setting Ring - 250mmMitutoyo177-308
Mitutoyo 177-309 Setting Ring - 10inMitutoyo177-309
Mitutoyo 177-310 Setting Ring - 275mmMitutoyo177-310
Mitutoyo 177-311 Setting Ring - 11inMitutoyo177-311
Mitutoyo 177-312 Setting Ring - 300mmMitutoyo177-312
Mitutoyo 177-313 Setting Ring - 12inMitutoyo177-313
Mitutoyo 177-314 Setting Ring - 62mmMitutoyo177-314
Mitutoyo 177-315 Setting Ring - 2.5inMitutoyo177-315
Mitutoyo 177-316 Setting Ring - 75mmMitutoyo177-316
Mitutoyo 177-317 Setting Ring - 3inMitutoyo177-317
Mitutoyo 177-318 Setting Ring - 87mmMitutoyo177-318
Mitutoyo 177-319 Setting Ring - 3.5inMitutoyo177-319
Mitutoyo 177-418 Setting Ring - 4mmMitutoyo177-418
Mitutoyo 177-420 Setting Ring - 6mmMitutoyo177-420
Mitutoyo 177-423 Setting Ring - 8mmMitutoyo177-423
Mitutoyo 177-424 Setting Ring - 10mmMitutoyo177-424
Mitutoyo 177-425 Setting Ring - 12mmMitutoyo177-425
Mitutoyo 177-427 Setting Ring - 16mmMitutoyo177-427
Mitutoyo 177-429 Setting Ring - 20mmMitutoyo177-429
Mitutoyo 177-431 Setting Ring - 30mmMitutoyo177-431
Mitutoyo 177-432 Setting Ring - 35mmMitutoyo177-432
Mitutoyo 177-433 Setting Ring - 40mmMitutoyo177-433
Mitutoyo 177-434 Setting Ring - 45mmMitutoyo177-434
Mitutoyo 177-518 Setting Ring - .16in x .00006inMitutoyo177-518
Mitutoyo 177-520 Setting Ring - .24in x .00006inMitutoyo177-520
Mitutoyo 177-522 Setting Ring - .275in x .00006inMitutoyo177-522
Mitutoyo 177-523 Setting Ring - .35in x .00006inMitutoyo177-523
Mitutoyo 177-524 Setting Ring - .425in x .00006inMitutoyo177-524
Mitutoyo 177-525 Setting Ring - .5in x .00006inMitutoyo177-525