Trusted Module Calibration Provider

Modules are essential components in various industries, serving as building blocks for complex systems. The precision of these systems and equipment is dependent on the essential role that modules play. The calibration of modules is necessary for various applications, such as telecommunications and manufacturing, demonstrating their integral nature.

Ensuring optimum system functionality, Micro Precision is your trusted partner in Module Calibration, which is proudly ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited. We understand that modules play a crucial role in various applications and provide tailored calibration services to uphold their accuracy and reliability.

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Importance of Module Calibration & Repair

Module performance may be compromised by wear and drift that occur over time. Regular Module Calibration and, if necessary, repair are essential to preserving the integrity of your systems. Modules that are inaccurate might result in inefficiencies, operational blunders, and even system crashes.

Ensure Accurate Module Calibration

Micro Precision is a great choice for Module Calibration because of their ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation, state-of-the-art facilities, skilled technicians, comprehensive solutions, and prompt turnaround. With Micro Precision, you can be confident that your modules will be calibrated accurately and precisely, minimizing downtime to your operations. Scan our module database below and contact us to learn more.

Calibration Service Levels Offered

Type of Service Traceable Traceable with Data Accredited (ISO:IEC 17025:2017, Z540.3)
Calibrated to manufacturers specifications traceable to SI Units      
ISO 9000 Compliant      
Calibration certificates, data, maintained on secure web based tool (CDM)      
Detailed calibration certificates and calibration stickers      
Instrument adjustment (if found out of tolerance)      
ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 compliant    
Calibration Data    
Logo from Accreditation body, Expanded Measurement Uncertainty  
ANSI/NCSL Z540.3 compliant  

Please complete our quick Module equipment calibration & repair service request form, and a Micro Precision representative will reach out to you same-day during office hours, or within one business day after office hours. (Mon – Friday 8AM – 4PM PST)

Description Manufacturer Model
Aeroflex IRIS 2000 MODULE IRIS 2000 MODULEAeroflexIRIS 2000 MODULE
Agilent 08640-60506 Plug In / Part / Component / ModuleAgilent08640-60506
Agilent 0960-0638 Plug In / Part / Component / ModuleAgilent0960-0638
Agilent 1122A Plug In / Part / Component / ModuleAgilent1122A
Agilent 11722A Plug In / Part / Component / ModuleAgilent11722A
Agilent 11848-61302 Plug In / Part / Component / ModuleAgilent11848-61302
Agilent 11869A Plug In / Part / Component / ModuleAgilent11869A
Agilent 11974-60028 Plug In / Part / Component / ModuleAgilent11974-60028
Agilent 16530A Plug In / Part / Component / ModuleAgilent16530A
Agilent 16531A Plug In / Part / Component / ModuleAgilent16531A
Agilent 16532A Plug In / Part / Component / ModuleAgilent16532A
Agilent 16555A Plug In / Part / Component / ModuleAgilent16555A
Agilent 16720A Plug In / Part / Component / ModuleAgilent16720A
Agilent 16760A Plug In / Part / Component / ModuleAgilent16760A
Agilent 16910A Plug In / Part / Component / ModuleAgilent16910A
Agilent 16911A Plug In / Part / Component / ModuleAgilent16911A
Agilent 16950B Plug In / Part / Component / ModuleAgilent16950B
Agilent 16951B Plug In / Part / Component / ModuleAgilent16951B
Agilent 1801A Plug In / Part / Component / ModuleAgilent1801A
Agilent 1815A Plug In / Part / Component / ModuleAgilent1815A
Agilent 85629B Tam - Test And Adjustment ModuleAgilent85629B
Agilent 86102A Electrical Plug-In ModuleAgilent86102A
Agilent 86105A One Optical And One ElectricalAgilent86105A
Agilent 86105B Optical And 20 Ghz Electrical Plug-In ModuleAgilent86105B
Agilent Technologies 70612A Interface Module - MMS 1x6 MatrixAgilent70612A
Agilent Technologies 70613A Interface Module - MMS 2x5 MatrixAgilent70613A
Agilent Technologies 70613C Interface Module - MMS 2x5 MatrixAgilent70613C
Agilent Technologies 70700A MMS Digitizer ModuleAgilent70700A
Agilent Technologies 70904A RF Section - 100Hz-2.9GHz - Module SAAgilent70904A
Agilent Technologies 70905A RF Section - 22GHz - Module SAAgilent70905A
Agilent Technologies 70906A RF Section Module SA - 26.5RFAgilent70906A
Agilent Technologies 70907A External Mixer Interface ModuleAgilent70907A
Agilent Technologies 70912A DownConverter Module - 10-1500MHzAgilent70912A
Agilent Technologies 70912B DownConverter Module - 10-2000MHzAgilent70912B
Agilent Technologies 8145A Laser Module OTDR MainframeAgilent8145A
Agilent Technologies 81533A Interface Module for 8153AAgilent81533A
Agilent Technologies 81533B Interface Module For 8153AAgilent81533B
Agilent Technologies 81534A Return Loss Module - 7-07 - Replaced by 81610AAgilent81534A
Agilent Technologies 81610A Return Loss Module w/o internal SourceAgilent81610A
Agilent Technologies 81613A Return Loss Module - 1310/1550nmAgilent81613A
Agilent Technologies 81614A Return Loss Module - 1550/1625nmAgilent81614A
Agilent Technologies 81618A Interface Module - 1chAgilent
Agilent Technologies 81619A Interface Module - 2chAgilent81619A
Agilent Technologies 81632A Power Sensor ModuleAgilent81632A
Agilent Technologies 81632B Power Sensor Module - Single ChannelAgilent81632B
Agilent Technologies 81633A Optical Power Sensor ModuleAgilent81633A
Agilent Technologies 81633B Optical Power Sensor Module - 800-1700nmAgilent81633B
Agilent Technologies 81634B Optical Power Sensor ModuleAgilent
Agilent Technologies 81637B Fast Power Sensor Module - Low PDLAgilent81637B
Agilent Technologies 81640A Tunable Laser Module - Low SSE - 1600nmAgilent81640A
Agilent Technologies 81642A Tunable Laser Module - Source - High Power - 1600nmAgilent81642A
Agilent Technologies 81649A Compact Tunable Laser Module - 1600nmAgilent81649A
Agilent Technologies 81650A Laser Source Module (FP) - 1310nm / 0dBmAgilent81650A
Agilent Technologies 81652A Laser Source Module (FP) - 1550/1625nm / 0dBmAgilent81652A
Agilent Technologies 81654A Laser Source Module (FP) - 1310/1550nm / 0dBmAgilent
Agilent Technologies 81655A Laser Source Module (FP) - 1310nm / 13dBmAgilent
Agilent Technologies 81656A Laser Source Module (FP) - 1550nm / 13dBmAgilent
Agilent Technologies 81657A Laser Source Module (FP) - 1310/1550nm / 13dBmAgilent81657A
Agilent Technologies 83481A Optical/Electrical Plug In / Module - Dual Rate - 3GHz Opt 20GHzAgilent83481A
Agilent Technologies 83483A Electrical Module - 2ch / 12.4/20GHz - BWAgilent83483A
Agilent Technologies 83484B Vertical ModuleAgilent83484B
Agilent Technologies 83554A Millimeter Wave Source Module - 26.5-40GHzAgilent83554A
Agilent Technologies 83555A Millimeter Wave Source Module - 33-50GHzAgilent83555A
Agilent Technologies 83556A Millimeter Wave Source Module - 40.0-60.0GHzAgilent83556A
Agilent Technologies 83557A Millimeter-Wave Source Module - 50-75GHzAgilent83557A
Agilent Technologies 83558A Millimeter-Wave Source Module - 75-110GHzAgilent83558A
Agilent Technologies 85081A High Impedance Input ModuleAgilent85081A
Agilent Technologies 85081B High Impedance Probe Input ModuleAgilent85081B
Agilent Technologies 85092-60010 Calibration Module / RF Module with Both Connectors FemaleAgilent85092-60010
Agilent Technologies 85092A RF ECal Module - Type-N / 30kHz-6GHzAgilent85092A
Agilent Technologies 85092B RF ECal Module - Type-N / 50ohm / 9GHzAgilent85092B
Agilent Technologies 85093-60010 NFTS RF Module with Both Connectors Female - KeysightAgilent
Agilent Technologies 85093A RF ECal Module - 3.5mm / 30kHz-6GHzAgilent85093A
Agilent Technologies 85093B RF ECal Module - 3.5mm / 9GHzAgilent85093B
Agilent Technologies 85096A RF ECal Module - Type-N / 75ohm / Male-Female / 0.03-3GHzAgilent85096A
Agilent Technologies 85096B RF Ecal Module - Type-N / 75ohmAgilent85096B
Agilent Technologies 85099B RF ECal Module - Type-F - USBAgilent85099B
Agilent Technologies 85620A Mass Memory Module for 856xA/E SeriesAgilent85620A
Agilent Technologies 85629A Test and Adjustment ModuleAgilent85629A
Agilent Technologies 86116B Module - 65GHz Optical / 80GHz Electrical / 1480-1620nmAgilent
Agilent Technologies 86118C Remote Sampling ModuleAgilent86118C
Agilent Technologies 86320A RF ModuleAgilent86320A
Agilent Technologies 86320B RF ModuleAgilent86320B
Agilent Technologies 86330C RF Plug In/Module - 1.8-4.2GHzAgilent86330C
Agilent Technologies 86331C RF Module - 1.7-4.3GHz - Plug InAgilent86331C
Agilent Technologies 86341C RF Module - 3.2-6.5GHzAgilent86341C
Agilent Technologies 86342A RF ModuleAgilent86342A
Agilent Technologies 86342C RF Module - 5.9-9.0GHzAgilent86342C
Agilent Technologies 86350A RF ModuleAgilent86350A
Agilent Technologies 86350C RF Module - 8.0-12.4GHzAgilent86350C
Agilent Technologies 86635A FM-PM Modulation Section for 8660A/CAgilent86635A
Agilent Technologies N6731A DC Power Module - 5V / 10A / 50WAgilentN6731A
Agilent Technologies N6731B DC Power Module - 5V / 10A / 50W - for use in the N6700Agilent
Agilent Technologies N6734A DC Power Module - 35V / 1.5A / 50WAgilent
Agilent Technologies N6743A DC Power Module - 20V / 5A / 100WAgilentN6743A
Agilent Technologies N6744A DC Power Module - 35V / 3A / 100WAgilentN6744A
Agilent Technologies N6745A DC Power Module - 50V / 1.6A / 80WAgilentN6745A
Agilent Technologies N6762A Precision DC Power Module - 50V / 0-3A / 100WAgilent
Agilent Technologies N6763A Precision DC Power Module - 20V / 50A / 300W - Double WideAgilent
Agilent Technologies N6764A Precision DC Power Module - 60V / 20A / 300W - Double WideAgilentN6764A