Professional Microwave Device Calibration Provider

In many fields, including telecommunications, radar systems, and medical applications, microwave devices are vital. These devices are used to either create or use microwaves, a category of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths roughly ranging from 1 meter to 1 millimeter.

Micro Precision, ISO 17025:2017 accredited, can provide calibration services that meet the international standards. We offer a wide range of services for microwave devices, these include frequency, power, phase, amplitude and noice calibration.

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Importance of Microwave Device Calibration & Repair

Your microwave device needs to be calibrated and repaired if you want precise measurements from it. Your designs or test results may be incorrect if your microwave device is not calibrated, as a result of the data it generates.

Additionally, fixing a malfunctioning microwave appliance might help to increase its lifespan and stop additional harm. We can address issues such as faulty components, corrupted software and physical damage.

Ensure Accurate Microwave Device Calibration

Micro Precision is a great choice when looking for a calibration and repair service provider. Part of the services offered is reliable calibration, competitive pricing, fast turnaround times, and experienced metrologists.

We are also dedicated to giving our clients excellent customer service. Since we appreciate how valuable your time is, we will do everything in our power to schedule your calibration or repair as soon as possible. Let us handle the calibration requirements for your microwave device.

Calibration Service Levels Offered

Type of ServiceTraceableTraceable with DataAccredited (ISO:IEC 17025:2017, Z540.3)
Calibrated to manufacturers specifications traceable to SI Units   
ISO 9000 Compliant   
Calibration certificates, data, maintained on secure web based tool (CDM)   
Detailed calibration certificates and calibration stickers   
Instrument adjustment (if found out of tolerance)   
ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 compliant  
Calibration Data  
Logo from Accreditation body, Expanded Measurement Uncertainty 
ANSI/NCSL Z540.3 compliant 

Please complete our quick Microwave Device equipment calibration & repair service request form, and a Micro Precision representative will reach out to you same-day during office hours, or within one business day after office hours. (Mon – Friday 8AM – 4PM PST)

Advantest R5372 18 Ghz Microwave CounterAdvantestR5372
Advantest R5372P 18 Ghz Microwave CounterAdvantestR5372P
Advantest R5373 27 Ghz Microwave CounterAdvantestR5373
Advantest R5373P 27 Ghz Microwave CounterAdvantestR5373P
Aeroflex Inc 2440 20Ghz Microwave CounterAeroflex Inc2440
Agilent 11850B Microwave DeviceAgilent11850B
Agilent 11613B Microwave DeviceAgilent11613B
Agilent 11636A Microwave DeviceAgilent11636A
Agilent 11636B Microwave DevicesAgilent11636B
Agilent 11664A Microwave DeviceAgilent11664A
Agilent 11664C Microwave DeviceAgilent11664C
Agilent 11664D Microwave DeviceAgilent11664D
Agilent 11664E Microwave DeviceAgilent11664E
Agilent 11665B Microwave DeviceAgilent11665B
Agilent 11667A Microwave DeviceAgilent11667A
Agilent 11667B Microwave DeviceAgilent11667B
Agilent 11667C Microwave DeviceAgilent11667C
Agilent 11679A Microwave DeviceAgilent11679A
Agilent 11679B Microwave DeviceAgilent11679B
Agilent 11713B Microwave DeviceAgilent11713B
Agilent 11713C Microwave DeviceAgilent11713C
Agilent 11793A Microwave DeviceAgilent11793A
Agilent 11850A Microwave DeviceAgilent11850A
Agilent 11851A Microwave DeviceAgilent11851A
Agilent 11851B Microwave DeviceAgilent11851B
Agilent 11857A Microwave DeviceAgilent11857A
Agilent 11858A Microwave DeviceAgilent11858A
Agilent 33312B Microwave DeviceAgilent33312B
Agilent 33314D Microwave DeviceAgilent33314D
Agilent 35679A Microwave DeviceAgilent35679A
Agilent 35679B Microwave DeviceAgilent35679B
Agilent 3570A Microwave DeviceAgilent3570A
Agilent 42851A Microwave DeviceAgilent42851A
Agilent 5340A Microwave Frequency CounterAgilent5340A
Agilent 5342A Microwave Frequency CounterAgilent5342A
Agilent 5343A 26.5 Ghz Microwave Frequency CounterAgilent5343A
Agilent 5344A Microwave Source SynchronizerAgilent5344A
Agilent 5347A Microwave Counter/ Power Meter 20 GhzAgilent5347A
Agilent 5350A 20 Ghz Microwave Frequency CounterAgilent5350A
Agilent 5350B 20 Ghz Cw Microwave CounterAgilent5350B
Agilent 5351A 26.5 Ghz Microwave Frequency CounterAgilent5351A
Agilent 5351B 26.5 Ghz Cw Microwave CounterAgilent5351B
Agilent 5352B 40 Ghz Cw Microwave CounterAgilent5352B
Agilent 5361B Pulse/Cw Microwave Counter, 40 GhzAgilent5361B
Agilent 5364A Microwave DeviceAgilent5364A
Agilent 70301A 2.7 Ghz To 18 Ghz Microwave Tracking GeneratorAgilent70301A
Agilent 70422A Microwave DeviceAgilent70422A
Agilent 70427A Microwave DownconverterAgilent70427A
Agilent 70820A Microwave Transition AnalyzerAgilent70820A
Agilent 71209A Microwave Spec Analyzer, 100Hz -26.5Ghz (Modular)Agilent71209A
Agilent 71500A Microwave Transition AnalyzerAgilent71500A
Agilent 71707A Microwave DownconverterAgilent71707A
Agilent 85020A Microwave DeviceAgilent85020A
Agilent 85020B Microwave DeviceAgilent85020B
Agilent 85022A Microwave DeviceAgilent85022A
Agilent 85027A Microwave DeviceAgilent85027A
Agilent 85027B Microwave DeviceAgilent85027B
Agilent 85027C Microwave DeviceAgilent85027C
Agilent 85027D Microwave DeviceAgilent85027D
Agilent 85027E Microwave DeviceAgilent85027E
Agilent 85037A Microwave DeviceAgilent85037A
Agilent 85037B Microwave DeviceAgilent85037B
Agilent 85130B Microwave DeviceAgilent85130B
Agilent 85130G Microwave DeviceAgilent85130G
Agilent 85131H Microwave DeviceAgilent85131H
Agilent 85132C Microwave DeviceAgilent85132C
Agilent 85132D Microwave DeviceAgilent85132D
Agilent 85134C Microwave DeviceAgilent85134C
Agilent 85134D Microwave DeviceAgilent85134D
Agilent 85138A Microwave DeviceAgilent85138A
Agilent 85138B Microwave DeviceAgilent85138B
Agilent 86200A Microwave DeviceAgilent86200A
Agilent 86205A Microwave DeviceAgilent86205A
Agilent 86207A Microwave DeviceAgilent86207A
Agilent 87302C Microwave DeviceAgilent87302C
Agilent 87304C Microwave DeviceAgilent87304C
Agilent 87310B Microwave DeviceAgilent87310B
Agilent 909A Microwave DeviceAgilent909A
Agilent 909D Microwave DeviceAgilent909D
Agilent 909F Microwave DeviceAgilent909F
Agilent 911D Microwave DeviceAgilent911D
Agilent 911E Microwave DeviceAgilent911E
Agilent E3830 100 Mhz Bandwidth Microwave Vector Signal AnalysisAgilentE3830
Agilent J885A Microwave DeviceAgilentJ885A
Agilent M9383B Microwave DeviceAgilentM9383B
Agilent N9398C Microwave DeviceAgilentN9398C
Agilent N9398F Microwave DeviceAgilentN9398F
Agilent N9398G Microwave DeviceAgilentN9398G
Agilent N9399C Microwave DeviceAgilentN9399C
Agilent N9399F Microwave DeviceAgilentN9399F
Agilent P281B Microwave DeviceAgilentP281B
Agilent P281C Microwave DeviceAgilentP281C
Agilent P910A Microwave DeviceAgilentP910A
Agilent P9402A Microwave DeviceAgilentP9402A
Agilent P9402C Microwave DeviceAgilentP9402C
Agilent P9404A Microwave DeviceAgilentP9404A
Agilent P9404C Microwave DeviceAgilentP9404C
Agilent Q281A Microwave DeviceAgilentQ281A
Agilent Q281B Microwave DeviceAgilentQ281B
Agilent Q85026A Microwave DeviceAgilentQ85026A