Reliable Calibrator Calibration Provider

Calibrators serve a crucial function when it comes to precision measurement by guaranteeing the accuracy and dependability of various instruments. No matter the setting, whether it be a laboratory, manufacturing plant, or research facility, these tools are vital for upholding measurement integrity

Achieving precision is crucial to professionals and organizations. That’s why we, at Micro Precision, specialize in calibrators and their diverse uses. Our expertise in calibrator calibration is unmatched, backed by our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation. Our tailored services exceed expectations, meeting the highest levels of accuracy.

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Importance of Calibrator Calibration & Repair

Due to environmental factors and wear, calibrators can drift over time, but they remain essential for precise measurements. They act as reference instruments to confirm and alter other devices as needed. Calibrator calibration and repair become a crucial aspect of this process.

Your power sensor’s accuracy can be safeguarded by regular calibration and maintenance, which are crucial to ensuring dependable measurements. Inaccurate calibration can lead to pricey mishaps, poor-quality goods, or claims of non-compliance with regulations. Therefore, calibrating and repairing it consistently is critical.

Ensure Accurate Calibrator Calibration

Our highly skilled technicians are experts in calibrators and their role in precision measurements. Their expertise is matched with our state-of-the-art technology and reference standards, allowing us to calibrate your calibrator to the highest industry standards. We also offer a complete suite of calibration and repair services for all your requirements. Which means you don’t have to go anywhere else for high-quality services. Explore our list of calibrator models we service below.

Calibration Service Levels Offered

Type of Service Traceable Traceable with Data Accredited (ISO:IEC 17025:2017, Z540.3)
Calibrated to manufacturers specifications traceable to SI Units      
ISO 9000 Compliant      
Calibration certificates, data, maintained on secure web based tool (CDM)      
Detailed calibration certificates and calibration stickers      
Instrument adjustment (if found out of tolerance)      
ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 compliant    
Calibration Data    
Logo from Accreditation body, Expanded Measurement Uncertainty  
ANSI/NCSL Z540.3 compliant  

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Description Manufacturer Model
Advantest R6246 DC Voltage/Current Generator/CalibratorAdvantest
Aeroflex 2200C CalibratorAeroflex2200C
Aeroflex 4032C CalibratorAeroflex4032C
Aeroflex 4400C Calibrator / Mobile Phone Tester - WilltekAeroflex4400C
Agilent 11613A CalibratorAgilent11613A
Agilent 16074A CalibratorAgilent16074A
Agilent 16345A CalibratorAgilent16345A
Agilent 58502A CalibratorAgilent58502A
Agilent 70429A-K95 CalibratorAgilent70429A-K95
Agilent 8402B CalibratorAgilent8402B
Agilent 8477A CalibratorAgilent8477A
Agilent 8902MS CalibratorAgilent8902MS
Agilent J06-59992A CalibratorAgilentJ06-59992A
Agilent Technologies 6920B Meter CalibratorAgilent6920B
Agilent Technologies 738A CalibratorAgilent738A
Agilent Technologies 739A CalibratorAgilent739A
Agilent Technologies 745A AC CalibratorAgilent745A
Agilent Technologies U1401A Calibrator or Meter - HH - Multi-FunctionAgilentU1401A
Agilent Technologies U1401B Calibrator or Meter - HH - Multi-FunctionAgilentU1401B
Altek 1135 CalibratorALTEK1135
Altek 1173 CalibratorALTEK1173
Altek 5434 CalibratorALTEK5434
Ametek - Dupont AC-94 CalibratorAmetek - DupontAC-94
Analogic 8200 CalibratorANALOGIC8200
Anritsu ACS II Temperature Calibrator System Models ACS II-1000 ACS II-2000 ACS II-3000 ACS II-4000 - WiltronAnritsuACS II
ANRITSU ML2419A Range Calibrator - For ML2430A and ML248xx / ML249xA Series Power Meter - WiltronAnritsuML2419A
BALLANTINE 421 AC/DC Voltage CalibratorBallantine421
Bently Nevada TK3-2E Vibration Calibrator - BentleyBently NevadaTK3-2E
Biddle 55050 TTR CalibratorBiddle55050
BMI 2400 Powerscope Precision CalibratorBMI2400
BMI 2460 Powerscope Precision CalibratorBMI2460
BRUEL & KJAER 3541 Sound Intensity CalibratorBRUEL & KJAER3541
BRUEL & KJAER 4221 Hydrophone CalibratorBRUEL & KJAER4221
BRUEL & KJAER 4223 Calibrator for B&K HydrophonesBRUEL & KJAER4223
BRUEL & KJAER 4226 Multifunction Acoustic CalibratorBRUEL & KJAER4226
BRUEL & KJAER 4229 Hydrophone CalibratorBRUEL & KJAER4229
Bruel & Kjaer 4230 Sound Level CalibratorBRUEL & KJAER4230
BRUEL & KJAER 4231 Calibrator - AcousticalBRUEL & KJAER
BRUEL & KJAER 4290 Vibration Exciter for Transducer CalibrationBRUEL & KJAER4290
BRUEL & KJAER 4291 Accelerometer CalibratorBRUEL & KJAER4291
BRUEL & KJAER 4294 Portable Vibration Calibration Exciter (10 Mtr./S2 RMS)BRUEL & KJAER
Clarke Hess 828 Voltage-Current Calibrator / AC/DC V-A SourceClarke-Hess828
Datron 4800 Multifunction Dmm CalibratorDatron4800
Eaton 7905 Voltage Calibrator 0 - 5 mV/V - LeBowEaton7905
Fluke / Altek 434 mA Process Loop Calibrator - +-0.015% Accuracy, 0.001mA - AltekFluke / Altek434
FLUKE 2001B CalibratorFluke2001B
Fluke 25451CL Pressure Calibrator - 300PSI - Fluke 718-300GFluke25451CL
Fluke 3130-G2M Portable Pressure Calibrator (Standard Calibration)Fluke3130-G2M
Fluke 4181 Precision IR CalibratorFluke4181
FLUKE 44522 CALIBRATOR 3Fluke11/22/21
Fluke 454-KP mA Calibrator - AltekFluke454-KP
FLUKE 4808FC Multifunction Calibrator - WavetekFluke4808FC
FLUKE 5080A Multi-Product CalibratorFluke5080A
FLUKE 5200A Alternating Voltage CalibratorFluke5200A
Fluke 525B Temperature/Pressure CalibratorFluke525B
Fluke 5700A Five-Function Calibrators Built For Electrical CalibrationFluke5700A
Fluke 5720 CalibratorFluke5720
Fluke 5725A Five-Function CalibratorFluke5725A
Fluke 601a Blood Pressure System Calibrator - BiotekFluke601a
FLUKE 6330 Calibration Bath - Hart ScientificFluke6330
FLUKE 726 Precision Multifunction Process CalibratorFluke
FLUKE 743B Process Calibrator - DocumentingFluke
FLUKE 7526A-256 Precision Process Calibrator 230VFluke7526A-256
Heise PTE-1 Pressure Calibrator - Ranges from 0-0.25 in H2O to 0-10,000 psiHeisePTE-1
Heise ST-Pressure Calibrator w/Sensor
Jofra 200S CalibratorJofra200S
Jofra 650 SE CalibratorJofra650 SE
Jofra D55 SE CalibratorJofraD55 SE
Jofra MLC CalibratorJofraMLC
KEYSIGHT 11613B CALIBRATOR (Agilent)Keysight11613B
Keysight 85092C Rf Electronic Calibration Module (Ecal) (Agilent)Keysight85092C
Kistler 5395A Precision Charge Calibrator / Charge MonitorKistler5395A
Metrosonics CL-304 Sound Level / Acoustical CalibratorMETROSONICSCL-304
OMEGA 4A CalibratorOMEGA4A
OMEGA CL474 CalibratorOMEGACL474
OMEGA Omni-Cal 2A CalibratorOMEGAOmni-Cal 2A
OMEGA Omni-Cal 8A CalibratorOMEGAOmni-Cal 8A
OMEGA Omni-Cal IIB CalibratorOMEGAOmni-Cal IIB
ROTEK 8100 AC Voltage / Current / Phase CalibratorROTEK
ROTEK 650 CalibratorROTEK650
TEKTRONIX 067-0508-00 Calibrator - 50OhmTektronix067-0508-00
TEKTRONIX 067-0710-00 Calibrator VideoTektronix067-0710-00
TEKTRONIX 067-1338-00 Calibration GeneratorTektronix067-1338-00
Transmation 1074 CalibratorTRANSMATION1074
Unomat MVX CalibratorUnomatMVX
Unomat TRX CalibratorUnomatTRX
Unomat TRX II CalibratorUnomatTRX II