Trusted Bimetal Thermometer Calibration Provider

Bimetal Thermometers are widely used in the fields of manufacturing, food processing, and healthcare. This equipment is employed to measure temperatures required to ensure the safety and quality of products.

Micro Precision is highly capable of performing calibration services on bimetal thermometers, whether it be digital or dial thermometers. Our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited labs and experienced technicians guarantee that your equipment is calibrated in accordance with international standards.

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Importance of Bimetal Thermometer Calibration & Repair

As simple, cost-effective, and durable as they may be, bimetal thermometers still require regular calibration and checkups, and may occasionally need repair. Calibrating your bimetal thermometer can restore its accuracy, identify and correct errors, extend its lifespan, and prevent further damage. Neglecting to repair your bimetal thermometer can lead to problems beyond just inaccurate measurements. It can cause further equipment damage, process errors, increased costs, product recalls and decreased productivity.

Ensure accurate Bimetal Thermometer Calibration

Bimetal thermometer calibration and repair is a crucial process that should be carried out by experts like us, Micro Precision. We can meet your calibration needs with reliable service, quick turnaround times, trusted professionals, and competitive pricing. Ensure your equipment is running in optimal condition with a provider who has years of experience in the industry. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with equipment calibration.

Calibration Service Levels Offered

Type of ServiceTraceableTraceable with DataAccredited (ISO:IEC 17025:2017, Z540.3)
Calibrated to manufacturers specifications traceable to SI Units   
ISO 9000 Compliant   
Calibration certificates, data, maintained on secure web based tool (CDM)   
Detailed calibration certificates and calibration stickers   
Instrument adjustment (if found out of tolerance)   
ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 compliant  
Calibration Data  
Logo from Accreditation body, Expanded Measurement Uncertainty 
ANSI/NCSL Z540.3 compliant 

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ASHCROFT 0-55 degrees / resolution 1.0 degree Bimetal ThermometerASHCROFT0-55 degrees / resolution 1.0 degree
ASHCROFT 250-2874 Bimetal ThermometerASHCROFT250-2874
ASHCROFT CR5235D Bimetal ThermometerASHCROFTCR5235D
BLUE POINT ACT 73 Bimetal ThermometerBLUE POINTACT 73
Cole-Parmer 08163-03 Bimetal ThermometerCole-Parmer08163-03
CONTROL COMPANY 4049 Bimetal ThermometerControl Company4049
COOPER POWER 2238-06 Bimetal ThermometerCooper Power2238-06
COOPER POWER DFP-300 Bimetal ThermometerCooper PowerDFP-300
COOPER POWER DFP-450 Bimetal ThermometerCooper PowerDFP-450
DE WIT N/A Bimetal ThermometerDE WITN/A
DEWIT 0 -100 Bimetal ThermometerDewit0-100%
DEWIT 0-300 C Bimetal ThermometerDewit0-300 C
DEWIT 400 Bimetal ThermometerDewit400
DEWIT 5 Bimetal ThermometerDewit5
DWYER DBTA3121 Bimetal ThermometerDWYERDBTA3121
DWYER DBTA3251 Bimetal ThermometerDWYERDBTA3251
DWYER DBTA3601 Bimetal ThermometerDWYERDBTA3601
ERTCO 58617 Bimetal ThermometerERTCO58617
FISCHER EG100C-BF Bimetal ThermometerFISCHEREG100C-BF
FISCHER EG180-BF Bimetal ThermometerFISCHEREG180-BF
FISCHER SPN102256 Bimetal ThermometerFISCHERSPN102256
GRAINGER de -20 a 1200 grados Bimetal ThermometerGraingerde -20 a 1200 grados
METRICA 0-150 Bimetal ThermometerMETRICA0-150
Metron 311284 Bimetal ThermometerMetron311284
Metron 510687 Bimetal ThermometerMetron510687
NADCAP 20-CI-60-R-090-0/250F-XPD Bimetal ThermometerNADCAP20-CI-60-R-090-0/250F-XPD
NSF LF08-2011 Bimetal ThermometerNSFLF08-2011
NSF SPJ1AK903 Bimetal ThermometerNSFSPJ1AK903
NSF SPJ1AK906 Bimetal ThermometerNSFSPJ1AK906
OMEGA A Bimetal ThermometerOMEGAA
OMEGA H25-125DEG F Bimetal ThermometerOMEGAH25-125DEG F
OMEGA HL Bimetal ThermometerOMEGAHL
PANDUX 133 Bimetal ThermometerPANDUX133
PTC 134 Bimetal ThermometerPTC134
ROCHESTER 0-100 deg C Bimetal ThermometerROCHESTER0-100 deg C
ROCHESTER 0-50 deg C Bimetal ThermometerROCHESTER0-50 deg C
ROCHESTER 150 C Bimetal ThermometerROCHESTER150 C
ROCHESTER 5M62029-A Bimetal ThermometerROCHESTER5M62029-A
ROCHESTER 5M62032 Bimetal ThermometerROCHESTER5M62032
ROCHESTER 5M62033 Bimetal ThermometerROCHESTER5M62033
ROCHESTER 5M62093 Bimetal ThermometerROCHESTER5M62093
ROCHESTER 5M63033 Bimetal ThermometerROCHESTER5M63033
ROCHESTER 5M65033 Bimetal ThermometerROCHESTER5M65033
ROCHESTER 5M65093 Bimetal ThermometerROCHESTER5M65093
ROCHESTER 5MC3030 Bimetal ThermometerROCHESTER5MC3030
ROCHESTER RG-1350-03306 Bimetal ThermometerROCHESTERRG-1350-03306
Rueger MVB-305 Bimetal ThermometerRuegerMVB-305
TAYLOR 9878 Bimetal ThermometerTaylor9878
TEL TRU 1024001 Bimetal ThermometerTEL TRU1024001
TREND 3004D Bimetal ThermometerTREND3004D
TREND 31 Bimetal ThermometerTREND31
TREND 3204A Bimetal ThermometerTREND3204A
TREND 3204B Bimetal ThermometerTREND3204B
TREND 3204C Bimetal ThermometerTREND3204C
TREND 3204E Bimetal ThermometerTREND3204E
TREND CR3003D Bimetal ThermometerTRENDCR3003D
TREND CR3008C Bimetal ThermometerTRENDCR3008C
TREND CR3011C Bimetal ThermometerTRENDCR3011C
TREND CR3204A Bimetal ThermometerTRENDCR3204A
TREND CR3218H Bimetal ThermometerTRENDCR3218H
TREND CR5011H Bimetal ThermometerTRENDCR5011H
TRERICE 52-2185 Bimetal ThermometerTRERICE52-2185
TRERICE 52-2796 Bimetal ThermometerTRERICE52-2796
WEISS RF Bimetal ThermometerWEISSRF
WINTERS TBM Bimetal ThermometerWintersTBM
WINTERS TBM100 Bimetal ThermometerWintersTBM100
Winters TBM50052B9 Bimetal ThermometerWintersTBM50052B9