Accredited AccelerometerCalibration Services

Micro Precision Calibration is a trusted provider of accredited accelerometer calibration and calibration services. Acceleration and shock accelerometer sensor calibrations are performed in accordance with ISO 16063 and are traceable to NIST. Our accelerometer calibration workstation offers precision instrumentation and accurate back-to-back comparisons that deliver control and confidence, and allows us to perform accelerometer and sensor calibrations that meet and fulfill all the requirements of ISO 16063 Parts -16,-21,-22, and -42.

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Accelerometer Calibration Capabilities

Shock Calibration

Shock Calibration

Shock accelerometer testing from 20 G to 10,000 G via state-of-the-art pneumatic shock exciter.

Accelerometer Calibration

Accelerometer Calibration

Frequency response testing from 5 Hz to 20,000 Hz via electromagnetic shaker.

Range Expanded
Uncertainty of
Measurement (+/-)
Reference Standard,
Method, and/or
Accelerometers (1 to 10)g
(10 to 1,000)Hz
(1 to 5)kHz
(5 to 10)kHz
1% of reading
1.1% of reading
1.6% of reading
Vibration Calibration System
Shock Accelerometers (20 to 10,000)g 2.5% of reading Shock Calibration System

17025 Accelerometer Calibration Scope

Micro Precision calibrates all types, makes, and models of accelerometers including integrated electronics, piezoelectric accelerometers, and piezoresistive accelerometers from brands such as PCB, Endevco, Bruel & Kjaer, and Dytran, for a swath of industries and companies including aerospace and automotive manufacturing, research labs, and consumer projects.

Our workstation

Micro Precision owns and operates a Modal Shop TM 9155 Accelerometer Calibration Station with the associated high g shock option 9155D-525. As part of PCB Piezotronics, the world leader in piezoelectric and measurement grade MEMS accelerometers, The Modal Shop offers Accelerometer Calibration Systems that deliver precision instrumentation for control and confidence. Users from the world’s largest aerospace companies and automotive manufacturers, to research labs and consumers projects, place their trust in Modal Shop systems to deliver an accurate, high throughput calibration process.

The PneuShock 9155D-525 option integrates with the Accelerometer Calibration Workstation Model 9155D, making shock tests quick and easy. The state-of-the-art shock exciter makes use of a pneumatically operated projectile to strike an anvil and excite the sensor. By controlling both the air pressure and the duration of which the pressure is applied, the user gains greater control and consistency of the impacts.

9525c pneushock 525 accelerometer calibration system

How often should you re-calibrate an accelerometer?

Micro Precision generally recommends a periodic calibration routine of 12 months. However, if you have reason to believe your accelerometer has been damaged or the performance or accuracy of your equipment has been compromised in any way, the cost of re-calibrating your accelerometer is usually well justified vs the potential risk of incorrect data collection. Especially if used for testing a newly modified product, relying upon the data to provide human safety, or make design changes that are not easily reversed etc…

Micro Precision addresses Calibration Risk Factors for You

  • All decision rules are taken into account in our report of measurement to address the risk factors.
  • All standards are traceable to SI through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and/or recognized national or international standards laboratories.
  • We report uncertainties of measurement for each data point.
  • We use different techniques (Simple Acceptance, Method 5 and 6) to contain risk factors depending on what you need.
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