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Our backflow test kit service provides thorough calibration and repair of your backflow test equipment, ensuring its reliability in detecting potential issues with your backflow. Our trained technicians and accreditation aim to give you peace of mind, knowing that your backflow prevention system is functioning accordingly, reducing the risk of any contamination.

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Importance of Backflow Test Kit Calibration

Backflow prevention test kit, also known as a backflow test gauge, is an important tool for services in industrial, commercial, or municipal settings. The effectiveness of these test kits heavily relies on how they have been calibrated. The act of testing can prevent backflow and protect the potable water supply from being contaminated with unwanted chemicals. This is significantly important as it concerns public health protection, upholding regulatory requirements, and preserving the water systems.

The backflow test gauge calibration process is comprised of the following:

  • Pressure Gauges
  • Valves
  • Hoses
  • Relief valves
  • Flow meters
  • Temperature sensors
  • Other electronic and mechanical components

Why Repair Your Backflow Test Kit

Wear and tear, along with other factors, are mostly inevitable, underscoring the importance of repair. Repairing the backflow test kit is crucial for any project or business for several reasons. It can prevent contamination of the water supply, help meets regulatory requirements, lead to long-term cost savings, ensure smooth operations, and safeguard the organization’s reputation.

Accredited Backflow Test Kit Calibration Service Provider

At Micro Precision Calibration, with our decades of experience, we place great importance on the process of calibration and repair. We recognize that effective backflow prevention plays a critical role. Accredited under ISO/IEC 17025:2017, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994, and ANSI/NCSL Z540.3-2006, we assure our clients of reliable and comprehensive calibration services.

Calibration Service Levels Offered

Type of Service Traceable Traceable with Data Accredited (ISO:IEC 17025:2017, Z540.3)
Calibrated to manufacturers specifications traceable to SI Units      
ISO 9000 Compliant      
Calibration certificates, data, maintained on secure web based tool (CDM)      
Detailed calibration certificates and calibration stickers      
Instrument adjustment (if found out of tolerance)      
ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 compliant    
Calibration Data    
Logo from Accreditation body, Expanded Measurement Uncertainty  
ANSI/NCSL Z540.3 compliant  

Please complete our quick Backflow Test Kit calibration & repair service request form, and a Micro Precision representative will reach out to you same-day during office hours, or within one business day after office hours. (Mon – Friday 8AM – 4PM PST)

Description Manufacturer Model
Apollo 40-200-TK5U Backflow Test Kit / Differential GageApollo40-200-TK5U
Buffalo Backflow TK9S Backflow Test KitBuffalo BackflowTK9S
Buffalo Backflow TK9S Backflow Test KitBuffalo BackflowTK9S
Midwest 835 5-Valve Backflow Prevention Test Kit - Mid-West InstrumentMidwest835
Midwest 845 Backflow Preventer Tester - Mid-West InstrumentsMidwest845
Midwest 845-5 Backflow Preventer Tester - Mid-West InstrumentsMidwest845-5