Accredited Megger Calibration Service Provider

Measuring insulating resistance and guaranteeing the integrity of electrical systems require the use of a Megger, an essential component of electrical testing. One cannot overestimate its importance in identifying potential problems and hazards. Our thorough calibration procedure at Micro Precision is validated by our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certificate, ensuring precise and dependable Megger readings.

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Importance of Megger Calibration & Repair

Without regular calibration, your Megger instruments may not give you accurate reading, which could lead to incorrect measurements and possibly, dangerous situations. Megger repair is also important for keeping your instruments in good working order and extending their lifespan. All equipment tend to lose its accuracy due to wear and tear.

Ensure Accurate Megger Calibration

Micro Precision is an accredited Megger service provider that offers comprehensive calibration and repair services for all Megger models and brands. Our team of experienced technicians will use the latest equipment to ensure that your instruments are accurate and reliable. To know more about our calibration services for megger or a specific model

Calibration Service Levels Offered

Type of ServiceTraceableTraceable with DataAccredited (ISO:IEC 17025:2017, Z540.3)
Calibrated to manufacturers specifications traceable to SI Units   
ISO 9000 Compliant   
Calibration certificates, data, maintained on secure web based tool (CDM)   
Detailed calibration certificates and calibration stickers   
Instrument adjustment (if found out of tolerance)   
ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 compliant  
Calibration Data  
Logo from Accreditation body, Expanded Measurement Uncertainty 
ANSI/NCSL Z540.3 compliant 

Please complete our quick Megger equipment calibration & repair service request form, and a Micro Precision representative will reach out to you same-day during office hours, or within one business day after office hours. (Mon – Friday 8AM – 4PM PST)

Associated Research 2201 MeggerAssociated Research2201
Associated Research 2801 MeggerAssociated Research2801
Biddle 210160 MeggerBiddle210160
Biddle 210189 Megger - 100VBiddle210189
Biddle 210200 Megger / Megohmmeter - AVO - BM200Biddle210200
Biddle 210200CL MeggerBiddle210200CL
Biddle 210201 MeggerBiddle210201
Biddle 210259 Insulation Tester - MeggerBiddle210259
Biddle 210359 Megger - 1KVBiddle210359
Biddle 210400 Megger / Megohmmeter - 5000VBiddle210400
Biddle 210415 Megger / Megohmmeter - 15000VBiddle210415
Biddle 210459 Megger - 1KVBiddle210459
Biddle 210559 Megger - 1KVBiddle210559
Biddle 210776 Megger - 500VBiddle210776
Biddle 210800 Megger / Megohmmeter - 500VBiddle210800
Biddle 2108002 MeggerBiddle2108002
Biddle 210801 Megger / Megohmmeter - 500VBiddle210801
Biddle 210802 Megger - 250VBiddle210802
Biddle 210900 Megger - 500VBiddle210900
Biddle 21158 MeggerBiddle21158
Biddle 21159 MeggerBiddle21159
Biddle 21160 Megger - 500VBiddle21160
Biddle 21189 MeggerBiddle21189
Biddle 212159B MeggerBiddle212159B
Biddle 212159CL MeggerBiddle212159CL
Biddle 212160 Megger - Insulation Tester - 500VBiddle212160
Biddle 212160CL MeggerBiddle212160CL
Biddle 212259 MeggerBiddle212259
Biddle 212359B MeggerBiddle212359B
Biddle 212359CL MeggerBiddle212359CL
Biddle 212559 MeggerBiddle212559
Biddle 212559CL MeggerBiddle212559CL
Biddle 212900 Megger - 1KVBiddle212900
Biddle 21776 Bridge Megger - 1000VBiddle21776
Biddle 21778 Bridge Megger - 2000VBiddle21778
Biddle 21804 Megger / Insulation Tester - 250VBiddle21804
Biddle 21805 Megger - Insulation Tester - 600VBiddle21805
Biddle 21805-2 Megger - Insulation Tester - 500VBiddle21805-2
Biddle 218051 Megger - Insulation TesterBiddle218051
Biddle 218052 Megger - Insulation TesterBiddle218052
Biddle 21822 Megger 500VBiddle21822
Biddle 218638 Megger - 2500VBiddle218638
Biddle 218639 Megger - 2500VBiddle218639
Biddle 218640 Megger / MEGOHMMETER - 5000VBiddle218640
Biddle 220005 Hipot / Dielectric Test Set 5000V - MeggerBiddle220005
Biddle 220015 Hipot - 15000V - MeggerBiddle220015
Biddle 247000 Ohmmeter / DLRO - MeggerBiddle247000
Biddle 247001 Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter - MeggerBiddle247001
Biddle 247002 Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter - DLRO - MeggerBiddle247002
Biddle 25020 MeggerBiddle25020
Biddle 250261 Megger - 50VBiddle250261
Biddle 55003 Transformer Turns-Ratio Test Set - TTR - MeggerBiddle55003
Biddle 560060 Motor and Phase Rotation Tester - MeggerBiddle
Biddle 565250 Phase Sequence Indicator / Phase & Continuity Tester - MeggerBiddle565250
Biddle 63241 MeggerBiddle63241
Biddle 638 MeggerBiddle638
Biddle 656601 Cable Route Tracer for 50/60 Hz Energized Cables - MeggerBiddle656601
Biddle 7678 MeggerBiddle7678
Biddle 7679 MeggerBiddle7679
Biddle Series 1 Megger / MegohmmeterBiddleSeries 1
Extech 380353 MeggerEXTECH380353
Herman Sticht 703 MeggerHERMAN STICHT
Herman Sticht 815 MeggerHERMAN STICHT
Herman Sticht 816 MeggerHERMAN STICHT
Herman Sticht 817 MeggerHERMAN STICHT
Herman Sticht 824 MeggerHERMAN STICHT
Hioki 3117-13 MeggerHIOKI  3117-13
Hioki 3117-15 MeggerHIOKI  3117-15
IET Labs 1864 MeggerIet Labs1864
Yokogawa 2405-03 MeggerYokogawa2405-03
Yokogawa 3213-14 MeggerYokogawa3213-14
Yokogawa 3213-21 MeggerYokogawa3213-21
Yokogawa 3213-22 MeggerYokogawa3213-22
Yokogawa 3213-23 MeggerYokogawa3213-23
Yokogawa MY40 MeggerYokogawa