Reliable Logic Analyzer Calibration Service Provider

Micro Precision is a recognized provider of calibration and maintenance services for logic analyzers. With over 50 years of experience in this field, we specialize in calibrating and repairing logic analyzers made by major manufacturers.

Our calibration services are designed to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your logic analyzer. We calibrate equipment to the highest standards using advanced devices and procedures. We also repair logic analyzers that are not working properly.

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Importance of Logic Analyzer Calibration & Repair

Your project’s success relies on the equipment’s performance and reliability. Regular calibration and repair of logic analyzers are essential for many reasons.

  • Accuracy: Electrical signals are measured and analyzed with logic analyzers. Your measurements will be inaccurate it is not calibrated. This can make projects and bug fixes inaccurate.
  • Reliability: They are complex and error-prone devices. The components can degrade over time, which can lead to errors and problems.
  • Compliance: International standards’ requirements require regular calibration of logic analyzers in various fields such as medical and aerospace.

Guaranteed Quality Logic Analyzer Calibration

We understand that the cost of repairs and calibration can be an issue. However, the advantages of calibrating and repairing a logic analyzer outweigh the disadvantages.

Your logic analyzer will be accurate, reliable, and compliant with our calibration and repair services. With the help of Micro Precision’s expertise, your equipment can avoid design errors, bug fixes, and help you comply with industry standards.

Calibration Service Levels Offered

Type of ServiceTraceableTraceable with DataAccredited (ISO:IEC 17025:2017, Z540.3)
Calibrated to manufacturers specifications traceable to SI Units   
ISO 9000 Compliant   
Calibration certificates, data, maintained on secure web based tool (CDM)   
Detailed calibration certificates and calibration stickers   
Instrument adjustment (if found out of tolerance)   
ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 compliant  
Calibration Data  
Logo from Accreditation body, Expanded Measurement Uncertainty 
ANSI/NCSL Z540.3 compliant 

Please complete our quick Logic Analyzer equipment calibration & repair service request form, and a Micro Precision representative will reach out to you same-day during office hours, or within one business day after office hours. (Mon – Friday 8AM – 4PM PST)

Agilent 10085A Logic AnalyzerAgilent10085A
Agilent 10269B Logic AnalyzerAgilent10269B
Agilent 10466A Logic AnalyzerAgilent10466A
Agilent 10529A Logic AnalyzerAgilent10529A
Agilent 1630A Logic AnalyzerAgilent1630A
Agilent 1630D Logic AnalyzerAgilent1630D
Agilent 1630G Logic AnalyzerAgilent1630G
Agilent 1631D Logic AnalyzerAgilent1631D
Agilent 16500A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16500A
Agilent 16500B Logic AnalyzerAgilent16500B
Agilent 16500C Logic AnalyzerAgilent16500C
Agilent 16500H Logic AnalyzerAgilent16500H
Agilent 16500L Logic AnalyzerAgilent16500L
Agilent 16505A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16505A
Agilent 1650A Logic AnalyzerAgilent1650A
Agilent 1650B Logic AnalyzerAgilent1650B
Agilent 16510A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16510A
Agilent 16510B Logic AnalyzerAgilent16510B
Agilent 16516A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16516A
Agilent 1651A Logic AnalyzerAgilent1651A
Agilent 1651B Logic AnalyzerAgilent1651B
Agilent 16520A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16520A
Agilent 16521A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16521A
Agilent 16522A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16522A
Agilent 1652B Logic AnalyzerAgilent1652B
Agilent 16534A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16534A
Agilent 1653B Logic AnalyzerAgilent1653B
Agilent 16542A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16542A
Agilent 1654B Logic AnalyzerAgilent1654B
Agilent 16550A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16550A
Agilent 16554A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16554A
Agilent 16555D Logic AnalyzerAgilent16555D
Agilent 16556A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16556A
Agilent 16556D Logic AnalyzerAgilent16556D
Agilent 16557D Logic AnalyzerAgilent16557D
Agilent 16600A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16600A
Agilent 16601A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16601A
Agilent 16602A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16602A
Agilent 16603A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16603A
Agilent 1660A Logic AnalyzerAgilent1660A
Agilent 1660AS Logic AnalyzerAgilent1660AS
Agilent 1660C Logic AnalyzerAgilent1660C
Agilent 1660CP Logic AnalyzerAgilent1660CP
Agilent 1660CS Logic AnalyzerAgilent1660CS
Agilent 1660E Logic AnalyzerAgilent1660E
Agilent 1660EP Logic AnalyzerAgilent1660EP
Agilent 1660ES Logic AnalyzerAgilent1660ES
Agilent 1661A Logic AnalyzerAgilent1661A
Agilent 1661AS Logic AnalyzerAgilent1661AS
Agilent 1661C Logic AnalyzerAgilent1661C
Agilent 1661CS Logic AnalyzerAgilent1661CS
Agilent 1661E Logic AnalyzerAgilent1661E
Agilent 1661EP Logic AnalyzerAgilent1661EP
Agilent 1661ES Logic AnalyzerAgilent1661ES
Agilent 1662A Logic AnalyzerAgilent1662A
Agilent 1662AS Logic AnalyzerAgilent1662AS
Agilent 1662C Logic AnalyzerAgilent1662C
Agilent 1662CP Logic AnalyzerAgilent1662CP
Agilent 1662CS Logic AnalyzerAgilent1662CS
Agilent 1662E Logic AnalyzerAgilent1662E
Agilent 1662EP Logic AnalyzerAgilent1662EP
Agilent 1662ES Logic AnalyzerAgilent1662ES
Agilent 1663A Logic AnalyzerAgilent1663A
Agilent 1663AS Logic AnalyzerAgilent1663AS
Agilent 1663C Logic AnalyzerAgilent1663C
Agilent 1663CS Logic AnalyzerAgilent1663CS
Agilent 1663E Logic AnalyzerAgilent1663E
Agilent 1663EP Logic AnalyzerAgilent1663EP
Agilent 1663ES Logic AnalyzerAgilent1663ES
Agilent 1664A Logic AnalyzerAgilent1664A
Agilent 16700A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16700A
Agilent 16700B Logic AnalyzerAgilent16700B
Agilent 16701A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16701A
Agilent 16701B Logic AnalyzerAgilent16701B
Agilent 16702A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16702A
Agilent 16702B Logic AnalyzerAgilent16702B
Agilent 1670A Logic AnalyzerAgilent1670A
Agilent 1670D Logic AnalyzerAgilent1670D
Agilent 1670E Logic AnalyzerAgilent1670E
Agilent 1670G Logic AnalyzerAgilent1670G
Agilent 16710A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16710A
Agilent 16711A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16711A
Agilent 16712A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16712A
Agilent 16715A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16715A
Agilent 16716A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16716A
Agilent 16717A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16717A
Agilent 16718A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16718A
Agilent 16719A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16719A
Agilent 1671A Logic AnalyzerAgilent1671A
Agilent 1671D Logic AnalyzerAgilent1671D
Agilent 1671E Logic AnalyzerAgilent1671E
Agilent 1671G Logic AnalyzerAgilent1671G
Agilent 1672A Logic AnalyzerAgilent1672A
Agilent 1672D Logic AnalyzerAgilent1672D
Agilent 1672E Logic AnalyzerAgilent1672E
Agilent 1672G Logic AnalyzerAgilent1672G
Agilent 1673G Logic AnalyzerAgilent1673G
Agilent 16740A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16740A
Agilent 16741A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16741A
Agilent 16742A Logic AnalyzerAgilent16742A