Trusted Insulation Tester Calibration Provider

Insulation testers are essential tools for maintaining the safety of electrical equipment. They measure insulation resistance in equipment like motors, generators, and transformers, essential for preventing electrical fires and ensuring that the equipment works properly.

Insulation tester calibration is a specialty of Micro Precision. With accreditation under ISO/IEC 17025:2017, we follow the highest calibrating and testing standards worldwide. We have calibrated various insulation testers using our two decades of industry experience to ensure accuracy and dependability.

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Importance of Insulation Tester Calibration & Repair

Insulation testers check the resistance between two conductors to assist ensure the security of electrical equipment. A low insulating resistance was a sign of disrepair and posed a fire risk. Fires, as well as product flaws and personal injury, will be safety risks if your tester is inaccurate and unable to detect this correctly.

Ensure Accurate Insulation Calibration

Micro Precision is a great choice for full-service calibration. Not only are we providing global solutions, but our labs are IOS/IEC 17025:2017 accredited and technicians are experienced metrologists. Fast turnarounds and competitive pricing are just a few of the features Micro Precision has. To learn more about insulation tester calibration contact us for more information. You may also explore our insulation tester model database below.

Calibration Service Levels Offered

Type of Service Traceable Traceable with Data Accredited (ISO:IEC 17025:2017, Z540.3)
Calibrated to manufacturers specifications traceable to SI Units      
ISO 9000 Compliant      
Calibration certificates, data, maintained on secure web based tool (CDM)      
Detailed calibration certificates and calibration stickers      
Instrument adjustment (if found out of tolerance)      
ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 compliant    
Calibration Data    
Logo from Accreditation body, Expanded Measurement Uncertainty  
ANSI/NCSL Z540.3 compliant  

Please complete our quick Insulation Tester equipment calibration & repair service request form, and a Micro Precision representative will reach out to you same-day during office hours, or within one business day after office hours. (Mon – Friday 8AM – 4PM PST)

Description Manufacturer Model
BEHA Unitest Insulation TesterBehaUnitest
ELABO 90-4K Insulation TesterElabo90-4K
EXTECH 380301 Insulation TesterEXTECH380301
Fluke 1555 Insulation TesterFluke1555
HIOKI IR4018 Insulation TesterHIOKI  IR4018
HIOKI IR4056 Insulation TesterHIOKI  IR4056
HIOKI IR4056-20 Insulation TesterHIOKI  IR4056-20
HIOKI IR4057 Insulation TesterHIOKI  
HIOKI IR4058 Insulation TesterHIOKI  IR4058
HIOKI IR4059 Insulation TesterHIOKI  IR4059
Hitachi JIS-CI30I Insulation TesterHITACHIJIS-CI30I
Ideal 316-C Insulation TesterIDEAL
Ideal 61-791 Insulation TesterIDEAL
Ideal 61-792 Insulation TesterIDEAL
IDEAL 61-795 Insulation TesterIDEAL61-795
KIKUSUI TOS7100 Insulation TesterKIKUSUITOS7100
Kyoritsu 3007A Insulation TesterKyoritsu
Kyoritsu 3111V Insulation TesterKyoritsu
Kyoritsu 3165 Insulation TesterKyoritsu3165
Kyoritsu 3166 Insulation TesterKyoritsu3166
KYORITSU 3203 Insulation TesterKyoritsu3203
KYORITSU 3301 Insulation TesterKyoritsu3301
KYORITSU 3302 Insulation TesterKyoritsu3302
KYORITSU 3321A Insulation TesterKyoritsu3321A
KYORITSU KEW3021 Insulation TesterKyoritsuKEW3021
Megger BM25 Insulation TesterMeggerBM25
Megger BM5200 Insulation TesterMegger
Megger Jan-00 Insulation TesterMeggerJan-00
Megger MIT330 Insulation TesterMegger
Megger MIT400/2 Insulation TesterMeggerMIT400/2
Megger MIT410EN Insulation TesterMeggerMIT410EN
Megger MIT411 Insulation TesterMeggerMIT411
Megger MIT430/2 Insulation TesterMeggerMIT430/2
Megger MIT510/2 Insulation TesterMeggerMIT510/2
Megger MIT515 Insulation TesterMeggerMIT515
Megger MIT525 Insulation TesterMeggerMIT525
Megger S1-1568 Insulation TesterMeggerS1-1568
PROTEK A-2500I Insulation TesterPROTEKA-2500I
SANWA DM52185 Insulation TesterSANWADM52185
SANWA DM5218S Insulation TesterSANWADM5218S
SIMPSON 401 Insulation TesterSIMPSON401
SIMPSON 405 Insulation TesterSIMPSON405
SIMPSON 405-2 Insulation TesterSIMPSON405-2
Slaughter 103/105-2.5 Insulation TesterSLAUGHTER103/105-2.5
UEI DMEG2 Insulation TesterUEIDMEG2
Yokogawa 2403 INSULATION TESTERYokogawa2403
Yokogawa 2406A Insulation TesterYokogawa2406A
Yokogawa 2406E Insulation TesterYokogawa2406E
Yokogawa 2426 Insulation TesterYokogawa2426
Yokogawa 242607 Insulation TesterYokogawa242607
Yokogawa 2426A Insulation TesterYokogawa2426A
Yokogawa 3213A Insulation TesterYokogawa3213A