Trusted Dial Indicator Calibration Provider

Dial indicators are used in manufacturing, quality control, and maintenance. They are helpful instruments because they measure linear dimensions.

Micro Precision offers dial indicator calibration and repair services. With over 50 years in the industry, Micro Precision’s experts have calibrated and repaired multiple pieces of equipment, including dial indicators. We have accredited labs globally that can service any equipment in different locations.

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Importance of Dial Indicator Calibration & Repair

Dial indicators need to be calibrated frequently to maintain accuracy and prevent future problems. Calibration ensures the accuracy of the measurements your equipment provides. Our dial indicator repair service can effectively handle damages. If you perform these regularly, your instrument will produce accurate measurements. This can help you avoid producing faulty products, failing to meet quality standards, and possibly safety standards.

Ensure Accurate Dial Indicator Calibration

For accurate dial indicator calibration, Micro Precision is a top choice. Utilizing our expertise and in-depth knowledge of precision instruments, we are committed to offering top-notch solutions, affordable prices, quick turnaround times, and a wide range of calibration options.

By selecting Micro Precision as your calibration ally, you can rest easy knowing that your dial indicator will be tuned to the highest level of precision, ensuring unmatched accuracy and consistent readings. We are completely committed to providing the best dial indicator calibration service available, with an unwavering commitment to fulfilling your requirements and exceeding your expectations.

Calibration Service Levels Offered

Type of Service Traceable Traceable with Data Accredited (ISO:IEC 17025:2017, Z540.3)
Calibrated to manufacturers specifications traceable to SI Units      
ISO 9000 Compliant      
Calibration certificates, data, maintained on secure web based tool (CDM)      
Detailed calibration certificates and calibration stickers      
Instrument adjustment (if found out of tolerance)      
ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 compliant    
Calibration Data    
Logo from Accreditation body, Expanded Measurement Uncertainty  
ANSI/NCSL Z540.3 compliant  

Please complete our quick Dial Indicator equipment calibration & repair service request form, and a Micro Precision representative will reach out to you same-day during office hours, or within one business day after office hours. (Mon – Friday 8AM – 4PM PST)

Description Manufacturer Model
ACRAMENT 207 Dial IndicatorACRAMENT207
ACRAMENT 209 Dial IndicatorACRAMENT209
ACRAMENT 25-131 Dial IndicatorACRAMENT25-131
ACRAMENT 25-136-5 Dial IndicatorACRAMENT25-136-5
AEROSPACE 0-1 Dial Indicator - 0-1inchAEROSPACE0-1
AEROSPACE 1.0 IN Dial Test IndicatorAEROSPACE1.0 IN
AEROSPACE 12-02709 Dial Indicator - 0-1inchAEROSPACE12-02709
ALINA 41-226-105 Dial Test IndicatorALINA41-226-105
ALINA K22 Dial Test IndicatorALINAK22
ALINA K24 Dial Test IndicatorALINAK24
ALINA K25 Dial Test IndicatorALINAK25
ALINA K28 Dial Test IndicatorALINAK28
ALINA M31 Dial Test IndicatorALINAM31
AMES 101 Dial Test IndicatorAMES101
AMES 109 Dial Test IndicatorAMES109
AMES 111.05BG Dial Test IndicatorAMES111.05BG
AMES 113 Dial Test IndicatorAMES113
AMES 11B Dial IndicatorAMES11B
AMES 12 Dial IndicatorAMES12
AMES 201 Dial IndicatorAMES201
AMES 202 Dial IndicatorAMES202
AMES 203 Dial IndicatorAMES203
AMES 205 Dial IndicatorAMES205
AMES 207 Dial IndicatorAMES207
AMES 209 Dial IndicatorAMES209
AMES 210 Dial IndicatorAMES210
AMES 211 Dial IndicatorAMES211
AMES 2112 Dial IndicatorAMES2112
AMES 212 Dial IndicatorAMES212
AMES 212.5 Dial IndicatorAMES212.5
AMES 213 Dial IndicatorAMES213
AMES 215 Dial IndicatorAMES215
AMES 262 Dial IndicatorAMES262
AMES 263 Dial IndicatorAMES263
AMES 264 Dial IndicatorAMES264
AMES 281 Dial IndicatorAMES281
AMES 282 Indicator Dial IndicatorAMES282 Indicator
AMES 2822 Dial IndicatorAMES2822
AMES 284 Dial IndicatorAMES284
AMES 29 Dial IndicatorAMES29
AMES 30 Dial IndicatorAMES30
AMES 303 Dial IndicatorAMES303
AMES 311 Dial IndicatorAMES311
AMES 3222 Dial IndicatorAMES3222
AMES 3224 Dial IndicatorAMES3224
AMES 351 Dial IndicatorAMES351
AMES 383 Dial IndicatorAMES383
AMES 384 Dial IndicatorAMES384
AMES 412.5 Dial IndicatorAMES412.5
AMES 5R-272 Dial IndicatorAMES5R-272
AMES 66-2021 Dial IndicatorAMES66-2021
AMES 75-097 Dial IndicatorAMES75-097
AMES 76-110 Dial IndicatorAMES76-110
AMTOS 51-520-5 Dial IndicatorAMTOS51-520-5
Any 0-1 inch Dial Indicator Dial Indicator - 0-1inchAny0-1 inch Dial Indicator
ANY 1003 Dial Test IndicatorAny1003
Any 196T Dial IndicatorAny196T
ANY 1977T-10 Dial IndicatorAny1977T-10
ARNOLD STARRETT 25-111-5 Dial IndicatorARNOLD STARRETT25-111-5
Ashcroft 901B2FLG150.7 Dial IndicatorASHCROFT901B2FLG150.7
BAKER A52 Dial IndicatorBAKERA52
Baker JB50 Dial IndicatorBAKERJB50
Baker JB50A Dial IndicatorBAKERJB50A
Baker JB52 Dial IndicatorBAKERJB52
Bestest 0.0080 in Dial IndicatorBestest0.0080 in
BOICE 2 Dial IndicatorBOICE2
BOICE J13C Dial IndicatorBOICEJ13C
BOICE J22A Dial IndicatorBOICEJ22A
Brown & Sharpe 312B Dial IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE312B
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7021 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7021
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7023-2 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7023-2
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7023-3 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7023-3
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7023-4 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7023-4
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7025-4 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7025-4
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7026 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7026
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7026-4 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7026-4
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7027 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7027
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7027-4 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7027-4
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7028 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7028
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7028-4 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7028-4
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7029-2 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7029-2
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7029-3 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7029-3
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7029-5 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7029-5
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7030 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7030
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7030-1 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7030-1
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7030-2 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7030-2
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7030-3 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7030-3
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7030-5 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7030-5
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7031-1 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7031-1
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7031-10 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7031-10
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7031-13 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7031-13
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7031-2 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7031-2
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7031-3 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7031-3
BROWN & SHARPE 599-7031-5 Dial Test IndicatorBROWN & SHARPE599-7031-5